He saw her every Sunday for almost a year before she disappeared and everything went to hell.”

Flash Drive Cover (KP31)

My second novel, Flash Drive, is now available for $1.99 on Amazon (exclusively for now). Click a link to check it out and pick up a copy: Amazon.com, or Amazon Canada, or Amazon UK (or find it in any of Amazon’s stores world-wide). A paperback version is also available.

Flash Drive is a mystery. Like my first book, Last Call at the Ringrose Pub, the story takes place in Montreal, and involves a group of eclectic and interesting characters, some of them involved in the taxi industry. There’s a potential kidnapping and a homicide; there’s sex and booze, bad guys and good guys, unanswered questions and troubling backstory. It is, I think, a page-turner, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Click here to read a preview. If you like the book, please help me out, and post a review.

Praise for Last Call at the Ringrose Pub

 “Compulsive reading!” “Fast-paced!” “Cleverly crafted!” “Riveting!” “Suspenseful!”

Ringrose cover

A cleverly crafted journey spanning four decades… A fast-paced page-turner of a book destined to keep you guessing as to the outcome right on through to the dramatic and chilling conclusion…” (Goodreads review)

Compulsive reading, couldn’t put it down!” (Amazon UK review)

An original thriller set against the backdrop of the hardscrabble reality of the Montreal taxi business… Foster’s storytelling is suspenseful, humorous and ingenious.” (Amazon.com review)

Riveting… A very exciting story with plenty of plot twists to keep your attention… Rich characters and descriptive writing.” (Goodreads review)

An excellent read and a great first novel… The story kept me engrossed until the very last page.” (Amazon.com review)

Held my attention right to the end. The descriptions are so realistic, it was as if I was there on the streets of Montreal with the characters in the story.” (Amazon.ca review)

Due to the unfortunate closing of my original e-book distributor (Pronoun), the e-book version of Last Call at the Ringrose Pub was unavailable for a few days. It has now been republished using the services of Draft2Digital, and is again available almost everywhere for $1.99. Click here to order.

Ringrose cover

The soft cover printed version can be ordered here for $9.99 CDN (about $8.00 US) plus shipping. (You will be redirected to the order page at the printer; they will take care of payment and shipping. You’ll need a credit card or a PayPal account.)


Print cover

If you live in Montreal, you can save on shipping charges by contacting me here, and I’ll arrange to get you a copy somehow. In fact, if you promise me a review on Amazon or Goodreads, I’ll get you a free copy of the printed version no matter where you live.

Here’s some back cover copy for both editions of Last Call at the Ringrose Pub:

Burned-out former taxi driver Erick Papineau had thought he was finally getting his life back together after bankruptcy and divorce. Then thirty thousand dollars in taxi vouchers are stolen from his old Malibu while he is upstairs making love to Rachel Van Horne in her funky little apartment. When he lies about where he was at the time, he makes himself the prime suspect in the theft.

He thinks he has to lie to protect her. She thinks she doesn’t need any help. But then her website is hacked, her store is firebombed, and she’s run off the road and nearly killed by a beat-up old van. She’s also suspected of complicity in a homicide. Now they both need all the help they can get as they urgently seek answers to these questions: Who stole the coupons? Who’s out to get Rachel? Who killed the bank manager’s wife? And are Papineau and Rachel just friends with benefits, or are they something more?

Last Call at the Ringrose Pub is set in Montreal in the fall of 2013 but it plays out over a period of forty years against the backdrop of the contraband cigarette trade, a taxi industry in crisis and a bilingual inner-city neighborhood in constant change. The hard-scrabble taxi milieu is traditionally dominated by men, but the strong women characters of Last Call at the Ringrose Pub drive much of the story and its outcome.